Hair Mesotherapy

nNowadays, with the increase of communication, awareness has started to appear in some issues. One of these knowings is the awareness of people about hair mesotherapy. Considering that, a healthy life and beautiful appearance is the main thing that you should pay attention to, at the same time it brings a lot of innovations. The fact that the above mentioned issues have to be considered into the cosmetics world and that these three cases have led to a great market for the producers. It has also increased the abundant choice for the consumer and the appropriate purchased power.nThis situation, of course, has its advantages. In previous years, many people had been kept far themselves from plastic surgery because knife-under-surgery to create aesthetic appearance created fear and pressure at people. However, the latest technological developments were reflected in the medical world and along with cosmetics, beauty and a healthy life, people more simply can have aesthetic surgery. In recent years, the process of hair transplantation has increased visibly. These hair transplantation treatment methods vary within themselves. And one of them is a method called hair mesotherapy.n

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

nThe mesoderm layer, which gives the name to the procedure, is the identified shape of the connective tissue for the oil under the skin. A brief description of the technique it is the painless procedure of the injection of vitamins, minerals, various drugs and amino acids into the mesodermal layer under the skin. In the process of hair transplantation, the drug mixture is prepared according to the tests and results. It is said by dermatologists that the resulting drug mixture begins its action after its introduction into the capillaries in the deep middle layer.nThis technique was first found in 1952 by Dr.Pistor in France for vascular diseases. Until 1983, this method, which was not formally official, along with the acceptance of the French ambassadors, on this method various presentations were prepared and conferences were organized. At first, it was used against muscular and vascular pain in the sports activities. In the next stage, it became one of the indispensable parts of the aesthetic world.nTo investigate the types of injections used in the mesotherapy method, there are two types of syringes. One of them was designated as 27G and 30G. On the needle part, 4, 6 and 13 mm long needles are used.n

Using of Mesotherapy in Hair Transplantation Treatment

nThe person who wants to perform hair transplantation is first tested by dermatologists at the centers of hair transplantation to determine the level of baldness and hair loss. The treatment process is applied according to this test. To be able to apply mesotherapy treatment of hair, which is one of the methods used, the patient should not complete the formation of baldness, i.e. should be in the phase of hair loss. As a result of this treatment, hair loss can be stopped and baldness can be prevented. If the person’s balding process is completed and the fall out is now completely stopped, the treatment process instead of hair mesotherapy will be different.nThere may also be various problems in hair follicles such as blood circulation disorder and hair growth disorder. For such problems, a solution can be found by the hair mesotherapy method. On top of it the thickening of the hair will make them brighter.nThe hair loss seen at women is much different than at men. A male baldness begins with the front line of the hair and can continue to the nape of the neck. Such loss of hair can not be observed at the women. At females, it is possible to see the hair thining in certain regions and a baldness that takes place much longer.nFor both men and women would be helpful to apply to a specialist physician dermatologist for hair mesotherapy treatment. There are two issues to be considered in hair mesotherapy. One of these issues, when person starting a hair treatment, if there is any disease that may lead to hair loss, the patient should apply the both treatment at the same time. If the person is treated with hair mesotherapy, it may be a relapsing disease caused by mesotherapy. If this disease causes hair loss, the disease is first detected. After that both baldness and the treatment of the existing disease must be done together.

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