Hair loss is not only limited with the head area, but also can occur on facial hair including beard. There are many reasons of hair loss in beard area including ringworm to autoimmune disorders like alopecia.nnIn this article, we will get in depth of causes of patches and bald spots in your beard and how to treat or prevent them.n

What are the Common Reasons of Patches in Beard?

nThere are many reasons can cause hair loss in your beard. Those include some autoimmune disorders to ringworms or genetic factors which leads to loss of hair:n


How to Treat Bald Spots in Beard?

nFirst, you need to determine the main reason of these spots in your beard. If you are using any medicine, contact with your doctor to check side effects. When the reason is using medicines, you may need to wait to complete your treatment and be patient about hair re-growth.nnEven the ringworm in beard is not common, it can still occur, especially if you are living in warm and humid climate. Ringworms can be diagnosed with simply checking the skin by a medical professional, and the treatment is simply done by antifungal creams. With the right treatment, ringworms disappears within 2 to 4 weeks and beard starts to regrow.nnAlopecia needs a different approach for treatment. Mostly, this disorder does not have a cure. But in some cases, steroid creams, injections, or tablets can be prescribed by a medical professional. If the treatment is not possible and the hair loss is permanent, you may want to try hair transplantation.n

What to do When Permanent Hair Loss Happen in Beard?

nSometimes hear loss in facial area can be permanent and unreversible. But fortunately, like hair transplantation, bear transplantation is an option too. With the right operations, you can still regrow beard and fix the bald patches in your beard.nnLale Hair Transplantation Clinic offers solutions for hair and facial hair transplantation with its highly skilled and experienced surgical teams. Technologies and methods like FUE and DHI transplantations can easily treat hair loss in any part of your body, including beard.

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