Hair transplantation is including different methods and technologies. An experienced and well-equipped clinic can help you to get natural looking and health hair just like before the hair loss.nnHair transplantation operations are made by surgeons and experienced operation team. It must be done in a sterilized operation room with top-notch equipment. Also, the consultation stage before the operation is important to achieve desired results.nnThere are many factors to determine pricing of hair transplantation. These includes the size of the operation area, operators, the methods which will be used for the surgery and more. Here is the top five factors to calculate hair transplantation prices and how they affect it.n

1- Size of the Operation Area

nHair loss can be occurred on a big area or smaller one. During the surgery, operators transfer the follicles from the donor area to bald area. The bald size is directly affecting the prices of the operation.nnSmaller operation areas usually cost less, but also the hair type and your hair characteristics like fizziness and density my affect the pricing.n

2- Number of the Hair Follicles to Graft

nWide transplantation areas require more equipment and time, and a result of this, the prices will be higher for wider plantations. Also, the number of grafts will increase with the size of the area, and directly affects the prices.nnDuring the consultation stage before the plantation operations, surgeons can determine how many follicles that they will need and determine an approximate price.n

3- Transplantation Methods

nHair transplantation operations must be made by high tech equipment and latest techniques like FUE and DHI. During the consultation stage, operators can determine which method is the best for you and give more details procedures.nnnnEven there are many methods for hair transplantation, clinics mainly uses DHI, FUT and FUE techniques which are latest developed ones, and the prices varies with the methods.n

4- Sessions Count of Transplantation Operation

nThe latest techniques of hair transplantation allow patients to return their daily routine right after the procedure. But in some unique situations, there might be a need of multiple operations to complete transplantation.nnEvery operation requires a new equipment and time demanding. As a result of this, session count directly effects the pricing. The operation team will inform you about how many sessions you will need during the consultation stage before deciding to move on.n

5- Experience of the Operation Team

nHair transplantation operations requires utmost care and highly skilled operation teams, surgeons. The experience of these teams affects the pricing of the procedure.nnAs the success depends on the quality, experience of the team and clinic, many patients choose the popular clinics like Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic in Turkey. Every single year, almost a million of foreigner visits Turkey for medical purposes including hair transplantation.nnWith its experienced and highly skilled surgeons and operation teams, Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic offers impeccable results for people looking for hair transplantation procedures, starting from the consultation stage to care after the procedure.

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