Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a very common problem among man and women. Even the loss of hair commonly happens around the head area, it may also occur anywhere around your body including eyebrows, facial hair and more.nnHair loss can be temporary and permanent. It can be result of many reasons including hormonal changes, aging or medical conditions. Even there are many researches are ongoing, sometimes it is not certain why we lose hair.nnThanks to the science, we can minimize the effects of hair loss and regain our natural hair again. There are procedures called hair transplantations which uses latest technologies like Dhi and FUE can help people to regrow hair. At Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic, our well experienced and highly skilled surgeons and operators are helping people from all around, with the latest technology, and provides the top-notch results.nnEven there are many causes for hair loss, we listed and explained the most common ones:n

Genetics and Heredity

nYour family history has direct effects on hair loss. Heredity, also known as your family history is the most common cause of hair loss. It may occur naturally with the aging and unfortunately there are no cure to stop it. But, with the right consultation and clinic, you can still regrow your hair with the hair transplantation procedures.n

Medical Conditions Including Hormonal Changes

nHair loss can be temporary or permanent and there are many factors which leads to hair loss including medical conditions and hormonal changes that may cause by different illnesses, or unique situations like pregnancy. These medical conditions can include immune system problems, infections and ringworm which can be transmitted by animals or other human beings.n

Usage of Medications and Supplements

nSome medications can have side effects of hair loss. Treatments for cancer, depression, gout and high blood pressure may use medications with hair loss side effects. Commonly, those effects are temporary, and people can regrow hair after the treatment.nnn


nStress is a main source for many different health problems including hair loss. It can directly affect the hair growth and increase loss of hair. To prevent these kinds of lose, you may choose calmer lifestyle or try stress management by activities like yoga. Hair loss caused by stress can be temporary and permanent. For the permanent hair loses caused by stress, hair transplantation is a suitable solution.n

Hair Care

nHair loss can occur by hormones or other causes that comes from inside of our body, but also, excessive hairstyling or using too many chemicals can cause it. Excessive dying, using too much hair stylers and other chemicals can cause permanent or temporary damage to your hair.nnTo prevent this kind of hair loss, you must use the products that are proper for your hair and avoid using too much. Also, you may want to choose other hairstyles instead of tight pigtails or cornrows.nnEven there are many causes of hair loss, you can still regrow your hair with the right treatment. Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic offers treatments including hair transplantation with its highly skilled and experienced team and equipment with the latest technology.

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