Dandruff is a common problem which can be occur during every stage of your life. There are many reasons that causes dandruff. Even it is very common and frustrating, there are some home remedies to get rid of them.n

What is Dandruff?

nDandruff is a condition which causes the skin to flake. It is a very basic condition and does not constitute any danger nor contagious. Even it is not a serious problem for health, it may cause itching and embarrassment especially when you are wearing something dark.n

What Causes the Dandruff?

nDandruff is a very common situation which almost affects half of humans on the world. There are lots of things to cause dandruff including dry skin, seborrheic dermatitis, some sensitivity to hair conditioners or other hair related products, and even stress and outer conditions like air pollution can increase dandruff occurrence.nnThere are lots of products that helps to treat dandruff, specially designed to use for this problem, and there are some home remedies to help you.n

Use Special Shampoos and Conditioners

nDandruff can simply be treated by special hair products that are especially designed for this problem. These products contain zinc which is helpful to get rid of dandruff on your skin. It may take a while and requires regular use, but it will eventually help you to treat dandruff.nnYou may buy some over-shelf products to use but if you have any special skin condition or any hair problems including skin treatments, you must consult a medical professional to choose which products are good for you.nnZinc products are not only way to get rid of dandruff. There are also shampoos and hair conditioners containing tar, salicylic acid, and selenium sulphide. These products are also having a good reputation to treat dandruff problems.n

Chance Your Diet

nA healthy diet is a must for everyone to prevent any diseases and problems including dandruff. Try adding more vitamin B and certain types of fats to control dandruff problem. You should also eat foods or take supplements that contains zinc.n

Sunlight Helps to Control Dandruff

nSome studies shows that direct sunlight can help to control dandruff and heal your skin. You should take one hour of sunlight every day. But you must be careful about exposure to ultraviolet lights which damages your skin and increase risk of cancer. Instead of sunbathing, you must spend time at outdoors and wear high-factor sunscreen on your body.n

Limit the Usage of Hair Styling Products

nDandruff can build by hair products like hair sprays, conditioners, and others. If you are experiencing heavy dandruff problems, you must limit the usage of these products. If you must use these, you may choose natural alternatives to shape your hair.n

Manage Your Stress

nStress is another factor that causes dandruff and even hair loss. You must learn to manage your stress for a healthy lifestyle. If you have stress related dandruff, you may try to do stress relieving activities like meditations and yoga to get rid of these problems.

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