Hair transplantation procedure is a complete process which starts from the consultation stage and ends with the after care. After the completion of hair transplantation, a good care of hair is a must to achieve desired results.nnAn experienced clinic like Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic always offer post-operation consultation to take care of your hair as it must be. When the operation made by experienced surgeons and proper high-tech methods, post-op care is also an easy process.nnAfter hair transplantation, you need to be careful about a few months to protect newly planted hair follicles and avoid any unnecessary damage to hair growth. We listed how you should take care of your hair after transplantation!n

1- Follow the Suggestions That Made by Operator

nFirst, you need to follow every single suggestion that has been made by surgeon or operation team. Post-op care is a very important part for healthy recovery and achieving desired results.nnEven the methods for hair transplantation can be same, every single operation could result different. Because of this, first of all, you must follow the orders of the doctor and your surgical team.n

2- Avoid Contact as Much as Possible

nYou need to protect newly planted area of your head. You must avoid any unnecessary contact to achieve fast healing. You need to avoid touching the transplantation area. It may be itchy, but you must resist it as much as possible.nnAlso, you may want to wear clothes like shirts instead of t-shirts to avoid any contact while wearing. If you must wear t-shirts or sweater, be cautious and try to wear it slowly.n

3- Do Not Ignore Medications or Care Routine

nIn some situations, you may need to use some medicines, multivitamin tablets or some care routine with special shampoos or conditioners that you need to apply to your hair. These are the important parts of healing progress and you must follow the orders from your doctor.n

4- Be Careful About Sun Exposure and Rain

nAfter the hair transplantation, you must be careful about sun exposure and rain. You need to cover your healing areas with an umbrella for a few weeks from the direct exposure to sun and rain. Also, you need to avoid extreme heat or cold temperatures for the faster healing process.nnYour doctor will explain how you need to protect yourself from these kinds of exposures. You must follow the precautions and avoid any unnecessary risks.n

5- Washing is An Important Issue

nYour hair follicles may badly affect by water. After the procedure, you must follow the orders from your doctor while washing your hair. Generally, you must avoid any contact with water for a few days after the surgery.nnAlso, you must stop any high intensity activity like heavy lifting and fitness for a month. Along with these, you need to stop going into a sauna or steam room for a month too. This kind of activities widens the veins and slows healing progress, even they may cause loss of newly transplanted hair and sabotage the surgery.

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