Hair loss can be caused by numerous of factors including some diseases like Alopecia Areata. This autoimmune disorder can lead someone to lose its hair, partially or completely. Also, it is not only occurs on the head area, but also the other parts of the body including facial hair.nnEven it has a serious result like permanent hair loss, it may be treated and prevented with the right measurements. Furthermore, hair transplantation may be possible to regain lose hair after treatment is done.n

What is Alopecia Areata?

nAlopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that leads hair loss. It may cause to hair to fall out with in a size of a quarter or less which might be unnoticeable. But, with the continuous hair loss, it might lead a serious amount of hair loss and became noticeable in a bad way.nnSudden hair loss that caused by alopecia areata not only occurs on the head. It may also appear on facial hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, or any part of your body.nnEven this disorder starts with partial hair loss, it may lead to more serious disorder, which is called alopecia universalis, and cause a total hair loss and lose of ability to hair growth.n

What Causes Alopecia?

nAlopecia is an autoimmune disorder, which means your body’s immune system sees the hair follicles as a treat and attacks them. As a result of the reflex of immune system, hair loss occurs.nnAlopecia can differ from person to person. Some might experience this disorder with a temporary and unnoticeable hair loss, one might see a permanent and total hair loss. Even when some people can regrowth hair after the disease, some may not be able to.n

What are the Symptoms of Alopecia?

nAlopecia is always start and shows itself with hair loss. The hair usually falls out in a small patch, like a quarter size or smaller. This lose of hair differs from the regular hair loss with its shape and size. When the regular and healthy hair lose happens with a few follicles, alopecia is bigger.nnDisorder shows itself with the patches of hair on your pillow or when you are showering. Even it is mostly unnoticeable at first, you may see the bald spots with a regular and detailed check with the help of someone.nnAlopecia is not only related with your head area but also your body and facial hair. You may also notice the hair loses on facial hair, eyebrows, chest, or any other parts of your body.n

Treatment and Prevention

nUnfortunately, there is no cure or treatment for alopecia. This disorder may occur any time regardless of age or any other health conditions. It is still a mystery when it happens and where. Also, the hair loss is unpredictable that allows one to regrow hair one to not.nnHowever, if your disorder limited with only one area like your head or facial hair, you may still be allowed for hair transplantation and regrowth hair in bald spots. You can always consult a professional hair plantation clinic like Lale Hair Plantation Clinic and see if you are suitable for a hair transplantation procedure.

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