Hair loss is a very common problem, especially among the men. Medical professionals are working day and night to find a solution to this common problem, but it is still having many mysteries. However, in some cases hair loss can be prevented by following some precautions.nnAlso, even the hair loss is complete and in cases of baldness, hair transplantation in turkey operations are still able to regrow healthy hair with natural look, thanks to the latest technologies like DHI and FUE.nnIf you are curious about the hair loss, here is the top five reasons of losing hair.n

1- Genetics are a Big Reason for Hair Loss

nHair loss is mostly a genetic problem due to hereditary pattern. Along with the man who are experiencing hair loss, almost 80 percent of the cases are related to genetic factors.nnEven the genetics affects badly, people can still undergo hair transplantation operation and regain their lose hair.n

2- Thyroid Gland May Cause Losing Hair

nnnThyroid gland directly affects the growth and health of hair follicles. It doesn’t matter if it is overly active or underactive, unbalanced thyroid gland can lead baldness and hair loss.nnHair loss related to thyroid gland is mostly seen among women, but it still can be reason of man hair loss.n

3- Hormonal Changes Affects Hair

nEspecially for the women, hormonal changes can cause hair loss called alopecia areata. This problem might be caused by menopausal changes or any hormonal differences in your body. Also, pregnancy or lactation can cause alopecia areata.nnThis kind of hair loss is completely normal in situations like pregnancy or post-pregnancy. However, the lose can be permanent and the only way to regain hair is hair transplantation.n

4- Medication and Therapies Might be the Reason

nnnThere are many different medications and treatments that can cause hair loss including antidepressants, antibiotics, antiepileptics, anti-inflammatory drugs, beta blockers and lipid-lowering agents.nnIf you are experiencing hair loss caused by any medication, you need to consult your doctor for this kind of side effects. Luckily, hair loss caused by medications is often temporary.n

5- You Must Avoid Stress to Fight with Hair Loss

nnnStress is a big reason of many medical problems including hair loss, for women and man, both. You may need to avoid any unnecessary emotional stress in your life to prevent further hair loss and any related medical problems.nnYou may consider keeping a habit like yoga or Pilates to reduce stress levels.

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