Recent advancements in medical technology made hair transplantation much easier and successful. When you are working with an expert clinic and highly trained medical team, it’s most likely to get satisfactory results that you desire. Latest methods like FUE and DHI provides excellent results to patients.nnHair transplantation operations are most considered as complete process including consultation stage, operation, and post-op care. Patients must follow some rules and precautions before and after the operation for the excellent results.n

What to Consider Before Hair Transplantation?

nHair transplantation is an easy and successful operation when it is done by an experienced clinic and medical team. The operation’s success is directly affected by the consultation and pre-operation care.nnFirst, you need to find the right surgeon and clinic. The clinic must provide sterilized operation room with the experienced and highly trained medical team. Surgeon must have enough experience to operate latest technologies like DHI and FUE. This is the golden rule of successful hair transplantation operations.nnRight after the consultation stage, medical team will inform you about hair transplantation methods like DHI and FUE. They may suggest one method over another, or you can choose between those two techniques.nnAfter choosing the right clinic and consulting to the expert medical team, you must be careful about some rules before the surgery, for your own safety. For instance, you need to stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications, blood thickeners or any related medications, after consulting to your doctor. Also, quitting smoking and alcohol for a while helps the recovery process. You will be informed about every rule and precautions before the operation.n

What to Expect after Hair Transplantation Operation?

nHealing stage after the operation is very important and must be considered with utmost care. Your medical team and clinic will help you about everything you may need. Typically, you need a few days to a few weeks for recovery, but after the recovery, you may still need to be careful about your transplantation area.nnTransplantation area will be very delicate until the hair follicles fit well into the newly planted places. So, you may need to cover your head from traumas and physical hits for a while. Also, you may be required to apply some special creams or medications for a faster healing process.nnOur clinic and expert team will always be with you starting from the consultation stage to your complete recovery and satisfaction. Our medical team will inform you about every requirement and precautions for the excellent results.

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