Beard loss is a common hair loss problem among man, just like hair loss. Even there are many reasons of beard loss, some of them are most common and almost every case is related with them.nnBeard is one of the most important part of your facial aesthetics. Especially when it comes to alopecia barbae, you may experience problems about your self confidence and look. However, there are a few methods to cure beard loss and regain growth ability.n

About Beard Hair Loss

nnnHair loss in beard area is common and difficult just like hair loss and balding. Even when it comes to beard, it directly affects to your look and facial appearance.nnBeard hair loss is usually occurs in a circular shapes in almost any cases but rarely it can lead complete beard loss. There are a few preventive treatments and transplantation methods for those are affected by beard hair loss, also known as alopecia barbae.nnBreadt Transplant in Turkeyn

What is Alopecia Barbae?

nAlopecia barbae is a Latin term refers beard hair loss. The loss is mostly appearing in a circular shape around cheeks, upper lip, chin, or neck area.nnAlso, this disease can affect other parts of your body like chest. Other forms of alopecia barbae can affect women too. Especially during the pregnancy or when there is any hormonal changes, circular hair loss can be seen on head area.n

What are the Reasons of Alopecia Barbae?

nThere are too many reasons of alopecia barbae including hereditary disposition or hormonal changes. There is many research that are supporting those genetic factors may lead circular beard loss.nnAlso, malnutrition, severe alcohol or chemical abuse, emotional stress and hormonal changes can lead alopecia barbae. If the hair loss caused by medication usage or similar temporary reasons, it might be temporary loss but there is a still risk being permanent.n

Treatment for Alopecia Barbae and Beard Loss

nnnFortunately, hair loss on beard area can be treated with some medications. You can consult to a clinic to get right consultation and learn possible treatment options. You can use zinc supplements for a strong immune system or any prescribed injections after consulting your doctor.nnHowever, sometimes treatment by medications cannot be possible. In this kind of diseases, you may apply for beard transplantation operations and regain ability to grow healthy and natural beard. Lale Hair Transplantation Clinic is offering top-notch results to its patients with highly successful beard transplantation operations.

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