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    FUE Hair Transplantation

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    Beard and Mustache Transplantation

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    Unshaven Hair Transplantation

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    Hair transplantation operations performed for many years ensure that people get the natural look they want. As a result of these operations, which must be carried out by an experienced and expert team, the areas where the spills occurred can be restored to their former state.

    Hair Transplantation in Turkey

    Hair transplantation is the name given to an operation that can be performed by applying more than one alternative method, transferring hair follicles taken from the donor area to the desired point, which allows hair growth again. In this operation, transplantation is provided to the desired area using the hair roots found in the patient. These operations can be performed using many different techniques and methods.

    The technologies used in hair transplantation procedures, which are in great demand around the world, are developing every day. Currently, patients can be discharged immediately after the operation, and the desired results can be obtained without opening any cuts. The artistic part of the operation is as important as the technical part. To provide a natural appearance in the areas where hair transplantation is performed and the operation is not obvious, it is necessary to work with experienced names in this regard. It is also very important to carefully determine the center where you will work to achieve both healthy and natural hair.

    How Is Hair Transplantation Performed in Turkey?

    Hair transplantation begins with consultation and analysis. The consultation process is very important because everyone's hair structure, root thickness, and size of the transplantation area are different. At this stage, people's hair and graft needs in the transplantation areas are examined. Then, the operation phase is started by determining what method will be used.

    Before surgery, there are issues that patients should pay attention to for a certain time. Because consuming products such as caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes will directly affect the hair follicles, it is recommended to leave them before hair transplantation. Again, in the same way, this operation may not be performed for patients who use certain medications and are under medical treatment. Your doctor will give you the necessary information about this and indicate the points you need to pay attention to.

    During the operation, an area where the hair follicles will be removed is determined as a donor. Hair follicles are taken from this region with special materials and transferred to the area where hair transplantation will be performed. This is the basis of the methods used in all operations. Methods vary according to the devices used and the preferred ways when transplantation is performed.

    After hair transplantation, people should be careful for a certain period and not disrupt the care recommended by the doctor. In this way, the healing process occurs as desired; the patient regains natural-looking hair.

    Hair Transplantation Methods and Differences

    DHI and FUE techniques come to the fore in modern hair transplantation methods. In both methods, patients are discharged immediately after the operation and can continue their daily lives normally. .

    FUE method is performed by using special surgical instruments of micro-size, removing hair follicles located in the nape or upper ear areas of the person, and transplanting them to the desired point. Local anesthesia is usually used in this method.

    Fue Hair Tranplantation in Turkey

    It can be seen that the surgical pens used in the FUE method are given different names according to their tips. Sapphire, robotics, and many similar names can be found in the lower branches.

    • In FUE method, the healing process is completed within 2-3 days. Since the incision was not opened in the operation, no marks are visible.
    • Pens smaller than one millimeter are used during operation.
    • It can also be used for procedures such as beard and eyebrow transplantation.
    • Approximately 6000 grafts can be transferred per session.

    Dhi Hair Tranplantation in Turkey

    The DHI method also provides a quick and easy recovery, just like the FUE technique. The difference between this method and the FUE technique is that an additional implantation channel is not opened in the transplantation area during the operation. The obtained roots are transferred directly to the transplantation area and the process is completed. The DHI method is also called Choi. It is sometimes called by this name because the pens used are called “choi”.

    • In the DHI method, hair roots are kept out of the tissue for a very short time. For this reason, a healthier transfer of the roots is provided.
    • Because the incision area is very low, the risk of bleeding during the operation is very small.
    • The healing process is again short-lived, as in the FUE technique.
    • Unshaven hair transplantation can be performed by DHI method.

    Both methods are frequently used in hair transplantation operations. Which method is best for you should be determined by a consultation with the doctor. As a result of a consultation that will be performed correctly, the transplantation method will be determined, which will both provide a rapid recovery and give the most natural appearance.

    Hair Transplant Operation in İstanbul, Turkey

    Hair transplantation operations should be handled in three steps, not in one stage. It should be evaluated separately before, during, and after the operation.

    Before hair transplantation, the clinic that will be studied must be correctly determined. Choosing the center correctly, having a sterile operating room environment is very important for successful results. Because this process is very sensitive, it must be done with a professional team.

    Before starting the operation, it is necessary to be careful about various issues for a certain time. For hair follicles to become ready for surgery, it is recommended that the person give up bad habits such as alcohol, smoking, or take a decommissioning. Again, in the same way, it is recommended to decongest the use of some drugs under the supervision of a doctor to make the operation more comfortable.

    Hair Transplantation Clinic in İstanbul

    If the correct center is selected during the operation, successful results can be achieved without any problems. With the experience of the doctor and team performing the procedure, the hair roots placed in a way that gives a natural appearance can heal in a short time and create the desired image.

    After Hair Transplantation

    For the operation to be successful after hair transplantation, the patient must be careful in the healing process. Follow the doctor's recommendations, pay attention to nutrition and hair care. During the healing process, it is recommended to pay attention to the following issues;

    • Foods rich in vitamins B, A, C, and E should be consumed.
    • Avoid bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, and tobacco products. Such habits can cause you to get the desired result later, as they will slow down the healing process.
    • In the first days after the operation, it is recommended to sleep on your back to avoid applying pressure to your hair, and to choose clothes such as shirts.
    • Heavy sports should be avoided for at least a month after hair transplantation. An increase in blood pressure can cause hair follicles to come under stress.
    • After surgery, it is recommended to avoid sunlight for up to two weeks.
    • Itching, light scars, and crusts that may occur in the hair follicles after hair transplantation are considered normal. You should never touch or scratch these areas.

    Shock Loss of Hair Transplantation

    After the operation, a condition called “shock loss” can be encountered within the first few weeks. This condition, which exists on the roots and occurs when newly elongated hair falls out to adapt, is again considered normal. After experiencing shock loss, your hair will start to grow much healthier and bushy.

    Best Hair Tranpslant Clinic in İstanbul

    Hair transplant surgery is an easy-to-heal procedure that gives the desired result as long as it is performed in the right-center, by experts and experienced people. If you follow the recommendations of your doctor before and after the operation, if you act more carefully in your life for a while, you will see improvement in a very short time and you will be able to get the natural hair you want.

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