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After Hair Transplantation

After Hair Transplantation

If there is a process that is more important than hair transplantation, it is undoubtedly the process after hair transplantation. This waiting period can make a person to fall to such unfounded pessimism like if hair come out or no. But this curious expectation will make you happy and will involve you in a beautiful process.

How is the process progressing after hair transplantation?

On the first day after the surgery, more precisely the day after surgery, the patient came to our hair plantation center and have hair dressed against the small abrasions that are formed in the hair-transplantation and from where hair is taken region.

first 24hours

In the process day, on the day before the dressing after hair transplantation the windings wrapped around the entire head area are opened with a fine precision and the cleaning process is carried out on the areas with hair transplantation. The person who has the hair transplantation and after that the dressing, will be sent off to be interviewed again tomorrow.

First 15-20 Days

The day after hair transplantation is a more practical stage. There is a 15-20 day process waiting for the person with hair transplantation. The next day, the head region where the hair is planted and where from the hair root is taken are checked and carefully washed. Washing techniques and methods are taught to the person and for 15 days the person is asked to wash his head using this taught technique. The washing process is carried out for 15 days so that the crusts formed in the head region are flaking.

Atfer 15 days

After flaking of crusts phase will begin the process of indexing hair stem cells with the process of maturation of tissues. There are three possibilities within this phase. In the process starting on day 15 over a period of up to 2 months all hair can fall out, can fall a few hair or hair can not fall out at all. There is no need to worry in such situations. It is already expected that after hair plantation this should be and that’s what it have to be. Nevertheless, you can get detailed information from our physician via our communication contacts, which are active 24/7.
You can wash your hair with the shampoo that you want after the 15-day washing process suggested by the hair transplantation expert. You will not have trouble in this regard. Our specialists will give you information about your daily diet and your diet after hair transplantation. If there is any question after hair transplantation or any reasoning, hair transplantation specialists will give more detailed information to make the process more healthy. In the process that occurs after hair transplantation our hair plantation specialists are advised to ptotect from sun, extreme warmth and cold, and pay attention to feeding.