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Beard and Mustache Transplantation

Beard Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation

How are Beard Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation Applied?

Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation, such as other processes, are carried out by taking hair roots from different points of the body and planting hair roots to the region where should be planted. For this beard planting and mustache planting, doctors generally choose hair follicles from the nape. Of course, specialists of transplantation, who are more professional in their work, usually take the hair roots in places with unnecessary parts of the beard (cheek bone, neck part) and perform the planting where the beard should be planted. The most commonly used method for beard and mustache transplantation operations is the same as other transplantation methods. Fue technique is used.

Causes of Beard and Mustache Loss?

There are more than just a one reason for people who want to make beard and mustache transplantation. After various factors and problems, people want to do beard transplantation process. The majority of people who ask for beard and mustache come with a complaint of complete absence of hair on the face. In case of of complete absence of hair on the face, there is no hair root on the face, so the transplantation is done with the hair taken from nape. With an average of 1000 hair roots, it is possible that patient’s hair will grow successfully. But If the patient wants more frequent beard, then performed between 3.000 and 5.000 hair roots transplantation.
Another reason is that the beard and the mustache are infrequent. Many people experience difficulties because of the rarity of the beard, they can not give the desired shape, or they have broblems such as diminution of respectability in the society, the problem can be solved by performing the hair transplantation process on the parts which hairs are rare. If beard and mustache transplantation is carried out by a specialist, it is very difficult for to distinguish coming after transplantation beards from the pre-existing beards.
Some people comes to the transplantation process of beard by aesthetic concern. That is to say, some people have scarred hair or an accidental scar. This dry and hairless region is quite visible in the beards and does not appear pleasant. To those who have problems can be applied beard and mustache transplantation.

What is the fee of Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

The questions of patients who will make beard and mustache transplantations are the same as those who will make other transplanting types. Many people are asking what will be the fee of beard transplantation. Again, as in other types of transplantation, it is difficult to say a fixed price here. Since it is not known for what reason the patient wants to do the transplantation, because of the rarity of the beard, or from the estetic considerations. On this issue, if we still set a price it will be an average of 3 to 5 Turkish Lira per hair root.

Beard Transplantation

One of the most distinctive features of men and women the beard hairs on men’s face. The beard is very important for a man. A beard makes a man look older than he is. Even if a person is older, he can look quite small in age if there is a spandrel condition. Even if this creates an advantage for some, but also others it can put into difficult situations in communicating with society. Especially those who has the problem with spandrel have beard transplantation.

Mustache Transplantation

The males hairs that come out of the region between the upper lip and nose are called mustaches. Due the mustache is sparse at most people and does not fit with the beard, many people want to participate in the process of mustache transplantation. For this kind of transplantation which is not different from beard plantation, only the transplantation part is different.
The technique which used while making mustache transplantation is the Fue technique. With this technique, a painless short transplantation operation is performed. This process is performed with hairs taken from nape and in order to get a clear and beautiful result, it is necessary to wait for an average of 4 to 6 months… Many people after have passed through the transplantation period for compacting, performs mustache plantation process again.