What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

Due to the resemblance of the device used in practice and specially prepared for this process, DHI hair transplantation method is also called as pencil technique among the people.
What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

How DHI Hair Transplantation Is Applied

Every day more and more commonly known and practiced methods, allows the hair transplantation stages to be divided into 3 themes. Respectively;
1. Grafts are collected
2. Canals open
3. Hair roots are planted
Due to the medical pen the grafts collected for a short period of time and afterwards these grafts are immediately planted to the opened canals. The procedure in which the local anesthetic is applied is started by loosening the hair follicles and collecting from the donor area. In the case of the FUE, this hair transplantation procedure is carried out twice, but due to DHI, hair transplantation method can be completed in a much shorter time and effortlessly.

DHI and FUE Hair transplantation method difference

In traditional hair transplantation method, collected Grafts tissue and hair root are separated and then prepared for the plantation. In the DHI hair transplantation method it does not require opening the canal, prepared hair roots are carefully placed in medical devices and plantation process can be started. The name of the tool in the pen view is implanter. The pen, which has a very thin and pointed structure, has the ability to place hair root. Due to the fine tip that is submerged in the correct angle to the head skin, the planting process can be successfully completed.

What are the advantages of DHI hair transplantation?

  • The canal opening and replacement of the hair root can be performed at the same time, the collected hair roots can be placed without waiting for a long time.
  • The system works with the principle of “least damage”, and the recovery also happens very quickly. While the roots collected in ordinary methods can be a subject to at least 3 hours of waiting and sorting process, in this method hair losses caused by waiting are also prevented.
  • A more natural appearance can be achieved.
  • As the waiting period is too short, it allowing hair loss to occur at the lowest levels of possible loss.
  • Due to the application, which is also successful in angle and direction, it is possible to determine a shape and considering the special needs of the person.

DHI Hair Transplantation Fee

In a successful application for those who have not completely completed hair loss, there is no harm to hair that exists. DHI hair transplantation prices are calculated specifically for the donor area structure and the patient’s wishes.