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Hair Plantation Fee

Hair transplanting prices

As in many countries of the world, hair transplantation is performed in our country in a very common way. We can also say that our country is one of the world’s number one hair-transplantation centers. So much so that about 1 million people from the countries of the Middle East and Arabia every year come to our country for hair transplantation and the most asked question is undoubtedly hair transplantation prices.
Not only in Istanbul, but also in many other cities of our country, especially in other metropolises, hair transplantation centers have been opened with varying hair transplantation prices. As in every sector, hair transplantation prices are at the head of many questions that many people are curious about. In the same way, although there are many different alternatives in every sector, the different prices are on the market. Hair transplantation prices in our country also vary depending on various factors.
In our country, on average hair transplantation prices vary between a fee scale of 3,000 Turkish Liras and 15,000 Turkish Liras. Among the reasons for the difference in hair transplantation prices there are many factors, such as baldness of the patient, hair structure, quantity of hair roots that wıll be planted, which method of treatment will be applied, the specific conditions of the center, the location of transplantation centre and in the same time personal and environmental factors.

What is the reason for the difference in hair transplantation prices?

The main reasons for the price difference are; When you go to any treatment center for hair transplantation, your hair is first examined and analyzed. According to the analysis result, it is determined by which treatment method hair transplantation will be done. According to the determined method will be price difference. There may also be additional applications could be made during the treatment process. These additional applications can lead to higher prices.

Some of the treatment centers use such suggestions like ‘’super hair transplantation”, “wonderful hair transplantation” or ‘’price reduction in hair transplantatıon treatment’’, “campaign price”, “hair transplantation prices lowered” to reach people who want to do hair transplantation. More than this kind of rhetoric, we recommend centers such as Lale Keskin Hair Center that have been named in the market where people done their hair transplantation, get successful result and can recommend.
In our country, there are two main methods that affect the prices during hair transplantation treatment. These methods are FUE and FUT methods. The FUE method that is widely used in our country and in the same time more economical method of hair transplantation. And the FUT method is a cheap method of hair transplantation.

Graft Numbers Play an Effective Role in Price Determination

Hair transplantation centers apply two different prices for hair transplantation. While some treatment centers operate with one price application, the remaining treatment centers price according to the number of grafts which will be added. Because of the number of grafts, 500 grafting takes about 1 hour. 5000 grafts last 10 hours. Due to the difference in the hours between the hair transplantation prices are varying in this direction.

How to Find the Best Priced Center for Hair Transplantation?

You should have to ask how many grafts will be planted to the bald area and finally ask which method will be used during the hair transplantation. But one thing you should keep in mind is that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and you will need to carry the traces of the application which will be performed for a lifetime. For this reason, the quality of the place where you will be treated first and then the price of hair transplantation therapy should be taken into consideration.

Environmental Factors Cause Price Differences …

There are also environmental factors besides the treatment process, the balding condition of the hair transplantation price difference. Factors such as the location of the treatment center, the city, the qualification of the doctor’s work, and etc., are factors that increase the price. Apart from this, some treatment centers try to get quality standards by offering extra services. For example, various luxurious services such as patient private room, take the patient out of the house by transport and take him to the plantation center, special care, are the factors that make the price difference.