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Hair Transplantation Results

Hair Transplantation Results

In recent years, complaints about hair loss, beard, mustache and eyebrows rareness and with the development of technology, the excellence of hair transplantation results led to the increase of transplantation demands. Men who are aware of how much a beautiful hair and a non-open forehead make a positive impact on a person have a lot of questions on their minds when they make their hair transplantation.

Men’s Frequently Asked Questions After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation  is a fairly easy and painless process. During this process, men are asked various questions about hair plantation and hair transplantation results. If we look at some of these questions

  • When my hair starts to grow
  • How should I care after hair transplantation?
  • Photos of other people after hair transplantation.
  • What are the redheads formed after hair transplantation?

Style questions are frequently asked.

How is the process developing?

First of all, the area of hair which will be planted is determined by using pencil. Afterwards hair follicles are taken with FUE hair transplantation from the nape region of the hair and planting process is performed with the aid of pencil in the drawn area. In the simplest way, the expected effect of the method that is realized in this way is taken in the conclusion part.

Hair Transplantation Results

After you have done your hair transplantation, you will get results varies from 6 months to 12 months. By the first week of the planting process, you must absolutely follow the advice given to you by our specialist physician.

First week

During the first week at the planting area may be red dotted marks appear, consisting of small scratches. But do not break your morale. It is a process that is very short and easily fast-moving.

First 3 Months

After the planting is done, on average, the first 3 months are not noticeable as a result. After 3 months, you will see that the hair follicles are growing slow, in a non-hair region. According to the added hair follicle, the amount of elongation seen in this situation is not at an adequate level.

After 6th Month

Loss of signs that the hair transplantation procedure was performed begin after 6 months. Depending on the person and the environment factors, this process usually takes place in the 7th or 8th month when the hair is completely natural in appearance, but at some people this period can be extended to 12th month. If the recommendations of our hair transplantation specialists are followed, it is not a far dream to have a natural and beautiful hair in a short time with the completion of a 12 month process. To stay away from sunlight and punctures during the first weeks, to bathe in the manner described, between 1st and 3rd months after hair follicles are loss some fine details leave a very positive impression on the results of hair transplantation, such as applying a better treatment process to hair follicles that will come out afterwards.


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