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Today, one of the most used methods in hair transplantation treatment in many countries is the FUE Hair Transplantation Technique method. It is frequently preferred because it is fast, painless and gives good results.

You can send us the questions you want to ask about hair transplantation using the contact form below.


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Hair transplantation operations should be handled in three steps, not in one step. It should be evaluated separately as before the operation, during the operation phase and after the operation.

Before hair transplantation, the clinic to be studied must be determined correctly. Choosing the right center and having a sterile operating room environment are very important for successful results. Since this process is extremely sensitive, it must be done with a professional team.

It is the name given to the operation that can be performed by applying more than one alternative method, and that provides hair growth by transferring the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the desired point.
In this operation, the hair follicles found in the patient are used to plant the desired area. These operations can be performed using many different techniques and methods. Technologies used in hair transplantation processes, which are in high demand worldwide, are developing day by day. Today, patients can be discharged immediately after the operation, and desired results can be obtained without any incisions.
With a good hair transplant center, the procedures first start with the consultation and analysis phase. Since everyone’s hair structure, root thickness and the size of the area to be transplanted are different, the consultation process is extremely important. At this stage, the hair of the people and the need for grafts in the areas to be transplanted are examined. Then, the method to be used is determined and the operation phase is started.




We provide pick-up from the airport and necessary intermediate transfers with our VIP vehicles

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With our experienced expert staff, we plan a healthy examination and operation process.



We create an environment where you will feel at home in the Ultra-Luxury hotels reserved for you.

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After your operation, we complete your final checks and drop you off at the Airport again.

Before and After hair transplant


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Customer comments

My experience of Lale Keskin and the team was excellent. Lale is very detailed like a top Michelin star chef very precise and doesn’t allow anything but top quality in the work performed. The customer service representative Harun was very kind and help me through the whole process at all times. The driver was a great guy who was always on time and ready to take me where ever I needed to be. All the technicians around the clinic were professional also. The team instantly made me feel relaxed when they could see I was nervous and anxious. They were kind and considerate to all my requests and always had someone close by to translate into English for me. I would recommend to others back in the uk.
Thanks again all.

Tom Eageling

I had my treatment here a few days ago and am very happy with the results so far.

From day one, the entire organization was taken over by the team (appointment planning, shuttle service from and to the hotel, to the place of treatment and back to the airport on the last day, the actual treatment, follow-up treatment, etc.).

The team is very competent and treats us patients very empathetically. Anyone considering hair transplant surgery has come to the right place!

Thanks! 😊

Inu Fresh

I had an great experience on Lale hairtransplant. They used 4000 grefts for my frond side and top. Everything was pretty good. They making surgery on operation theatre. Also team made great job on my surgery. I can honestly advice everyone for a mak operation in Lale hairtransplant

Adri Borussia

Great staff and suberb work. Everything went very smoothly. Would definitely recommend. 👍 😃

Anoop Dass

I had a hair transplant at Lale Keskin 1 week ago. Contact via whatsapp went very well. I immediately got the first answers and was enlightened. The team supported me in planning my trip and also booked a very good hotel for me. When I arrived at the airport, I was picked up by the hospital's car service. This was also available to me in the following days. During the hair transplant, Ms. Lale Keskin and her team took very good care of me and they took a lot of time for the consultation. I think it's particularly great that you're not just any number and it's not mass processing. I was treated personally by Ms. Lale Keskin and the team is the same every day so you always have someone who knows you. I felt in very good hands.
Many thanks to Lale Keskin and the whole team!

Ramazan Celik

top clinic. I had my head hair transplanted. The organization was very professional.
Contact before the operation was via Whatssapp.
The person responsible for the organization is a very competent communication partner.
You get all the information you need down to the last detail.
The shuttle airport-hotel-hotel-clinic went smoothly. (Organized by the clinic)
The procedure was carried out by very experienced and good doctors/medical specialists.
I can only recommend this clinic. I came here because 2 friends were also here and they had a great hair transplant result.

Budox Suisse


You can send us the questions you want to ask about hair transplantation using the contact form below.

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