What is Hair Transplantation and How is it Applied?

Before we turn to the answers to a question that interests all people about how a hair transplantation operation is performed and what it hair transplantation, let’s look at this process.
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History of Hair Transplantation

History shows that in 1930, the Japanese dermatologist Dr. Sasawa and in 1939 Dr. Okuda are physicians who perform hair transplantation the first time. In the process corresponding to the earliest stages, hair roots were removed with a 4 mm punch and then planted again as eyebrows, beards and mustaches.
In 1943, Dr. Tamura after collecting the information for his own research on how to make hair transplantation, realized in accordance with today’s hair planting techniques the first planting process. In contrast to other doctors Dr. Tamura using only one root to plant outside of the mentioned regions.
However, this technique has come to the west many years after the hair transplantation has been formed. The reason for this is the effect of the World War that broke out in 1944. The western countries have not been notified of the scientific developments that have taken place in Japan, which was far away from the west for many years due to the war.
This situation continued until 1959, and in 1959 it started to form the basis of hair transplantation which is accepted as basic information today. Was defined the concept of donor and buyer. This knowledge of hair transplantation technology helped to make tissue transplantation in the form of mini and micro by a group of Spanish dermatologists in 1980.
After using this technique for about 14 years, Dr. Bobby Limser has developed a new method of changing the way hair transplantation by leaving all the methods used at that moment. With a stereo microscope showing very fine details, he succeeded in realizing up to 3 tissue lines.

After two years of using this technique, Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Rassman announced that they discovered a hair transplantation technique that is entirely natural as a result of the hair groups and the plantation of tissue transplants. They classified the hair groups as Follicular Unit and developed the FUE hair transplantation method known today.


How Hair Transplantation Is Applied?

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It is a result of a treatment process which consists of a few steps and lasts for an average of 3 to 4 weeks. If step by step,

  • First, anesthesia is applied and the area of taking the roots of the hair is determined
  • Hair roots are taken from specific regions by special methods.
  • Waiting for time to heal wounds from where the roots were taken
  • Tissue transplants in the hair root are prepared.
  • The tissues are grouped by the method called FUE hair transplantation technique.
  • In the area of the hair transplantation the receiving channels are prepared and the channel path is opened.

Finally, hair transplantation is completed by implanting tissue graft.

Importance of Hair!

Throughout history, hair has become one of the most important issues for both men and women. In various periods of history, medical scientists, healers, chemists have worked to make hair more beautiful and brighter. Hairs are important not only in the health sector, but also in many areas of our lives. It is often found in poems and stories. The story of Rapunzel is one of the simplest examples. The significance of the hair has maintained its importance in every period of history. When we looked at the hair related history a bit more detail, cutting hair in the Ottoman state period was punishment. The penalty was given to the person who cut it.  The liberation of haircuts and the passage of this tradition in society are taken from the Frankish society.  When we say old earth we passed, girls living in Anatolia did not cut their hair until they married. After they got married, they were cut with a hairstyle called zuluf model.